Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Around the farm...

Hi Everyone!  Happy Wednesday.  I don't have any finished projects to share with you but I thought I'd show you a couple of things here on the farm.  I had my camera outside about a week ago and took some pictures of a couple of things around the farm.
 The big red barn...needs a little paint job on those doors.
 The hay has all been baled and the little square bales have been picked up, but now we are waiting for the large bales to get picked up.  The equipment is sitting out in front of the shop just waiting for the manpower...hopefully in the next day or too.  Then we will be praying for rain!  And since the hay is up, the dogs and I can once again walk in the pasture.  Once the pasture gets up to mid-calf we can no longer walk in it.
 I finally got a good picture of was hot that evening...we went back inside to the comfort of the air conditioning once I took her picture.
 And that same night I took another one of Bo...he's panting too and ready to go back inside.
 My day lilies are late this year.  My grandmother wouldn't have liked this in her yard...she didn't like yellow flowers, but I love them!
And the newest addition to the farm, Miss Kitty.  She showed up one day and has claimed us and the implement shed as her new home.  She's had a rough life...and she's not that old.  She's lost almost half of one of her ears and the tip of the other one.  I'm not sure what happened to her, but when she first arrived both ears were really raw.  She doesn't like the dogs, but seems to like me just fine.  I hope she decides to stick around for a long while.  That's a small look at some things around the farm.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Things are heating up everywhere. We have had a really wet spring and summer, up until this week. Now it is getting hot and humid! Your Bailey and Bo are really beautiful. Miss Kitty is so sweet. She will be a terrific "mouse trap" out there! Hope the remainder of your week will be great.

  2. Love the farm picks! Poor little kitty I'm glad she's found a good home with you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely glimpse into life at the farm. I love it! Your dogs are adorable and Miss Kitty, seems sweet. I love that you said she 'claimed' you. I do hope she sticks around as well.

  4. My poor dog is finding it hard to cope with the heat too, though luckily the house seems quite cool. No-one has air-con over here, but because the house is brick built, I think that helps.
    Bo and Bailey look like wonderful companions, and Miss Kitty has found the perfect home, I hope she stays too !

  5. Holly

    So happy you shared these pics with us! The barn! on my, it's so fabulous looking...what I couldn't do with all that wood. hahahaha
    Ohhh, poor miss kitty! she's a pathetic little thing. I'm happy she has chosen your home, I hope she sticks around long enough to fatten up a little.

    ps the weather is PERFECT here this week!