Thursday, October 27, 2011

Classic Headboard Bench...

Hi Everyone!  Do you remember this headboard?  It has the classic lines that has been so popular in the headboard benches that I've made.  It's not the beefiest one I've made which is Big Bertha that I made for the waiting area of Gary's Garage, but it's her little sister Betty.  Yes I give names to most of the benches.  It's easier to refer to them that way. 

 So this is how Betty turned out.  Can you believe that this is the only picture of this bench completed that I could find?  I know I took several others of her completed in the shop but I can't find them.  So maybe I deleted them, thinking that I had already uploaded that set of pictures. 
I painted it black and my mom made the cushion for me.  Thanks Mom!  And of course everyone loved her and she was the second bench to sell at the Clarinda Craft Fair.  I left the stencil off of this one for a different look and it was very popular.  It is so sturdy and as my mother would say, "It's so sturdy it can hold an elephant."  I try to make them to last!  Which is why I think they are so popular.  Well, thanks for stopping by!

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