Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dresser bench...

Hi Everyone!  I meant to share this with you Wednesday, but the weather wasn't cooperating enough for me to get pictures of it.  My cousin had given me an old dresser a few years back that had two broken drawers.  I thought about repairing the drawers but never got around to it.  It sat in my garage for  while, then I moved it inside and used it despite the broken drawers until I finally decided to do something with it.  And once I decided, I went straight to work...without ever taking a real before picture.  Here's the best I can do....once I had already cut the dresser apart...this shows the bottom half of the dresser...
This shows the top half of the dresser....
I cut it apart on my table saw...then added some additional support inside the dresser and a new faceplate where the other drawer had been.
I painted the inside of the dresser in grey paint and then painted the outside in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite.
I upholstered the top in red ticking material.  I still need to sand and wax it but by the time I get that done and the top reattached, the light won't be any good.

I love the star detail on the drawer pulls.  I have the drawer faces of the two broken drawers that have these same pulls on them...can't wait to do something with those....
I like how the inside is a little lighter shade than the it's unexpected.
 This dresser bench will be for sale at the Open House this weekend...once I distress it and wax it!  

I have a little more to finish on my to do list for tonight...but all the big work is done and I've even managed to get a good night sleep every night this week.  My to do lists and plans for what needs to be done and when it should be done by, have really helped me stay on track.  I even put sleep on my to do make sure I get enough of it.  I'm getting excited and a little nervous...I'll be more nervous and anxious tomorrow night...but it's almost here...and I can't wait!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Good luck getting everything done! I hope your open house this weekend is a HUGE success. I love how you transformed this dresser into a beautiful bench...and, of course, you make it sound so easy :)

  2. very cute bench I love the knobs too. I'm waiting in a line to go in to set up my booth. its going to be a long night.
    good luck to you this weekend

  3. This is such a useful little piece too, I'm sure someone will want to take it home with them.

  4. Love the knobs and the fabric choice! It's a nice transformation and it's not even done yet! Great job. Thanks for sharing at the Shady Porch Rock 'N Share! Hope to see you again soon! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch