Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Painted furniture pieces....

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to call this post Stand and Stool but every time I typed stool it made me think of a toilet (blame it on my day job working at plumbing shop) so I had to change it.

As most of you know, I've been getting ready for the first Open House at my studio.  This past weekend I was busy building and enlisted the help of my wonderful Mother to paint some pieces for me.  I kept my mother busy!  Here are two of the items I gave her to paint. 
 This sweet three-legged stand would make a great display stand in the corner of a room...
 ...or as a plant stand.  It had been painted a wine color, but I decided it needed to be lighter and more neutral, so I gave it to my mom to spray paint with Heirloom White paint....
 ....then she gave it back to me and I did a little light distressing to it to show a little of the wine color.  Don't you just love those legs!
I got this over the winter at a junk store in the next town for $2.00.  One of the legs had come unattached to the top so I reattached it and reenforced the other legs as well.  I love this little stool, but it needed some color....
 ...and color it received!  It's a very pretty green apple color that my mom picked out for a different piece that I'll be sharing soon....
 ...so I decided to have her use it on this piece.  After she painted it, I distressed it and really like the way the sanded areas changed to a lime green color.  It looks really cool in person.  And again, I love those legs!  I still have to wax this piece but I just couldn't wait to share it with you.
...Didn't my mom do a great job!  I gave her an SUV full of items to paint on Friday and she finished them all by Sunday afternoon...Donna's Do It Shop (that's what she calls it when she helps me out) was busy cranking out the items this weekend...it's a good thing that I'm her only client!  She's working on painting the base coat for me on two of the items that I built this weekend.  Thanks for all your help Mom!  Both of these items will be for sale at my Open House, so if you're in Southwest Iowa over Memorial Weekend, contact me and I'll send you directions.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. you better not make your momma work on Mother's day! She deserves some special treatment. She does great work, love the stool and stand Holly!


  2. You have such a good momma! She did a great job. Both the chair and stool :) have a great design, they are sure to be bought up quick!

  3. Your mama is the bomb!


  4. You have been a busy girl. How wonderful that you have your mother to help you out with things! If she's like me, it does us good to keep as active as possible.

  5. That is so great that your mom helps you with the painting. Those are both adorable pieces! I love the green!