Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little black shelf...?

Hi Everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  I hope you are having a good week.  I want to show you the little black shelf that I was working on this weekend and that I need to deliver today.  I say little, but it's really not that little.  I started out with a template for the brackets.
 I traced the template onto scraps of 1x12" boards.  Please disregard the footprint on the board.
 I cut the brackets out with my jigsaw.  I sanded them until they were smooth. 

 I cut the boards for the back and the shelf down to size.  The overall size of the shelf is 48" long.  Not really little.
 I dry fit it together in this picture.  The shelf part is made from a 1x12" that I cut a 1/4" off the width so that it fits inside the bracket instead of even to it.  The two back parts are made for a 1x6".
 One of the backs will be used to hang the shelf so that you don't see the screws.  And the other is where the hooks will go.  My client is a hairstylist and it will be used in her shop to store products for sell and to hang her capes from (thus the hooks).
 I painted the first coat of black on the boards before I put it together since it's easier to paint straight boards.  Then I put it together.  I got into putting it together and forgot to pick up the camera again until it was together.  I used screws and just a few nails.  Generally I use the nail gun to tack things together and then go back and secure it with screws.  And of course I glue the boards together for an even stronger hold.
Then I filled any holes with wood filler and sanded it down.  Then painted the second coat on.  The hole that you see in the bracket is where the screw goes to hold the shelf.  I just need to glue in the furniture button and paint the button.  I could have but a button at ever hole, but I decided I just wanted one on each end.
And here it is finished with it's four hooks.

 The top part of the back of the shelf is how it will hang on the wall.  I make these shelves with this type of bracket so you can hang it without seeing the screws.  And since it's so big, you can't just hang it with a hanger on the back.  I wait to drill the holes until I'm hanging it so that I can measure where the studs are and where the customer wants it to hang on the wall.  Then I mark the back and drill the holes and put the screws in on site.  I will be hanging this and I'll try to take some pics and show you what I mean.
I lightly sanded the edges of the shelf just like my customer requested.

I'm happy with the way it turned out and hopefully my customer will be too.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great job. I love the color and the way you sanded the edges for a worn look. I'm sure you're client will be so happy.

  2. super job! love the paint! perfect distressing.

  3. good post
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  4. What a fabulous shelf. I love that you added hooks to it also. Very handy.

  5. I think I want to do a post about women who use power tools. Seriously, nothing stops you, and I complain when I have to tighten a screw!

    Thanks for linking up.


  6. Wow! I thought I was going to see how you painted the shelf and find out you actually made it. WTG!