Thursday, January 12, 2012

One of those days...

Hi Everyone!  Ever have one of those days that you're glad is over?  Well, that was yesterday for me.  My day began with a flat tire.  A flat tire.
I walked outside this morning to head for work.  The sun was out and it's wasn't that cold.  I got to my Explorer and realized that it didn't look right.  I walked around to the passenger side and sure enough the front tire was completely flat.  So I headed to the shop to get the air bubble and of course I couldn't get it filled with air.  I pulled out my small air compressor and a long cord and headed back toward the house but of course that didn't work either.  It didn't have enough force to inflate the tire.  I pulled out my cell phone and called work to let them know I was going to be late and they sent one of the guys out to help me.  He got air into the tire with the bubble he brought and followed me to the tire place.  I dropped the car off and he gave me a ride to work.  Thanks Jeremy!  It really pays to work in a small mom and pop shop with a group of great guys! 

Next the tire place called and they could fix the tire but said it really needed replaced.  There is apparently a front alignment problem that is wearing the front tires wrong.  My Explorer is 12 years old.  Maybe it's time to replace it...?  I asked him just to fix the tire for now because my parents are leaving on Friday for Sunny Florida and I get the pick-up for the next two months.

Then of course my Aunt had her surgery to remove the lump in her breast.  Just as I was thinking she should be half through the surgery I find out it  had been delayed an hour, which of course meant she had just gone it.  The surgery was to last about two hours.  When my Mom called to tell me it was over and she was doing well, I answered the phone and all she got out was that the surgery was over and it went well then my mom started bawling and my heart fell to the floor as the air in my lungs disappeared.  I thought because she was crying that she was ready to say but then she had complications and passed away (we've had that happen in our family before)  and she was crying like she has been when she's told me other family members had died.  Then she finished her sentence with and she's in recovery and doing well. 

OMG!  MOM!  Please don't do that!  I know she was crying from relief but she scared me half to death!  The surgery went really well and they sent her home.  So that turned out great.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Then this afternoon the wind picked up.  We are in a wind advisory.  And it started snowing.  In case you didn't know it, my home is on a hill side overlooking town.  A large hill.  And my home sits on top of that hill.  So there is wind almost everyday.  But when there is a wind advisory,  you'd swear the house was going to be blown to kingdom come!  The wind howled all night.  And it was cold.  And the only heat source on the second floor is a propane stove, A Warm Morning, which I haven't had to turn on yet.  I didn't turn it on last night either because the weather is supposed to warm up again and once I turn it on, it stays on.

And to top things off, when I got home and parked my Explorer, the front tire was really low.  The same tire I had to have fixed yesterday morning.  So I pulled my vehicle around to the shop and filled up with the large air compressor and then backed it into the stall.  I haven't been out there yet this morning to see if it's flat, but I'm praying it's still inflated.  I did call my Dad last night and let him know I might need help.  So now I'm off to check the status of my tire.  I hope it's not going to be another one of those days....Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Don't you just hate days like that? A whole series of poor thing.

    Big hugs flying your way!


  2. ohh, I hope all is well when you get to your car....

    Happy to hear about barb! I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
    wind? yeah, you sent it our way! we are suppose to get white-out conditions later today. :( Not much snow, but with the blowing snow... not fun! brr I bet it's really, really cold on that hill when that wind blows! I can't believe it's mid january and you haven't turned on the upstairs heat yet!

    have a good one, at least better than yesterday!

  3. What a trying day! Hope this one goes *much* better for you, and especially that your aunt recovers quickly and completely.