Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hi Everyone!  Continuing with the snow theme and making things from my stash, here are the matching hot pink frames that I got for $1 when I got the red ones.  I'm not entirely sure why I got the hot pink frames since they are not my color.  I'm sure I was thinking I could paint them, but as you can see I did not. 
 I found this paper in my stash of things too.  I think it goes well with the HOT pink and the snowbirds.
 And of course I still have felt birds to use up.

 So there they are.
I'm thinking there's a little girl out there that might like these.....

I'm getting ready to take the dogs for a run in the snow and a photo session with the sign I'm shipping and then I'm off to town.  Thanks for stopping by.

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