Monday, May 27, 2013

Studio Open House Review...

Hi Everyone!  This weekend was the Grand Opening of Full Circle Creations Studio.  The Open House was a huge success.  I was so overwhelmed by the people that came out to the farm.  A big thank you to all the customers, friends and family that stopped in to see what I had been up to.   And to my parents for all their hard work in helping me get the studio and and house ready for this, both inside and outside, I couldn't have done it without you.  (Word of warning, it's a long post and picture heavy).
 This is the outside of my house.  The front porch/door opens directly into the studio.
 A few things were placed on the porch to welcome customers....the chair sold.
 This bench couldn't have fit better in than was like it was made for it...and it is still there.  When we were cleaning the porch we decided to paint had been a pretty yellow but I thought the light blue would look better..(sorry, no before pictures as it was a last minute decision).
 This ladder was my mom's idea so I turned it over to her to paint...I added the small crates to the steps to hold some of the smalls.  You can also see the dresser behind the went to a nice lady that happened to stop because she saw the signs my mom had made and my dad and I placed on the highway pointing the way to the farm.
 This dresser is my favorite and will get to enjoy it for a while longer.  It's painted in ASCP in Old White and Paris Grey.
 The faux doors I shared with you earlier...I was originally going to paint them white and age them, but decided I wanted them to fade into the background instead of to stand out so I painted them a shade lighter than the wall color.  The cream bench with blue striped fabric and the antique chair are both still here.
 The green bench with storage, the green stool and the window behind the white stool all sold.  And can you believe that the grey bench with the bird is still here...I thought for sure it would sell this time.
 This is the pay counter with a look into the working part of the studio.  I raffled away the Amazing Grace sign....the winner of that is Vickie P. ...Congratulations!  (I will be contacting you shortly).  And I have to point out the aqua wooden chandelier.  I just love it.
 My mother made this floral arrangement for me to celebrate the Open House...and she put it in a container made from yard sticks.  (I'll take some close up pictures and post them.)
 The refreshment table.  My friend, neighbor and Boss Pam made most of the treats and they were incredible!  My mom provided some cookies and amazing cupcakes and all the napkins, cups, coffee and lemonade as well as the trays.  Thanks Pam and Mom!

 The plan was to set some of these bigger items outside on the patio but it rained Saturday morning and was cloudy and looked like it could rain again so we decided to keep everything it was a little crowded.
 Mom made the curtain for this table to hide away some of my supplies.  The table contains mostly do the shelves...we decided people would rather see that it is a working studio as well as a  place to shop.
 One of the bead board frames sold.
 The mirrored window is also still here...but I did sell five of the lawn faucet flowers.
And the drawer coffee table sold.  I could have sold several others....good thing there are three more of the drawers this size.

The trio of dancers sold to my boss's daughter who is a dancer....she saw them and just had to have them.  
 A footstool and hand painted sign on my desk and center work table. 
And this bench that I love but hasn't sold yet.  I took it to one fair without the saying painted on the back and it didn't sell..then I painted the saying and it still didn't sale...maybe I should change the cushion to something else....What do you think?

I aIso sold a bunch of other items that we didn't get any pictures of...and I didn't get pictures taken of them after I made them.  So I'll be sure to share them with you once I remake them.  It was a truly great weekend and I'll definitely be doing it again...sooner rather than later.  Thanks again to everyone for their support, whether they came to shop, look around, or helped out.  I couldn't do it without all of you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  And thanks to you for reading this and commenting and encouraging me, I appreciate all the encouragement I get from all of you...and as always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm so glad the sale was a success for you, and it sounds like it was a lot of fun, too! Congrats!

  2. Wow! Everything looked great in your Shop! I am so glad the sale went well for you. Wish I could have been there ;)

  3. The weekend sounds fantastic, I'm so happy that the Open House turned out so well, after all your hard work. Love seeing all the pictures and I'm sure someone will fall in love with that bench, it's very pretty and it'll definitely go to the right home one day !

  4. So happy it was a successful opening. Here's to many more successful sales.


  5. wow Holly! thanks so much for sharing all those pics with us. I agree about letting people see it's a working studio, a gentle reminder that these lovely items are made by hand. :) I'm hoping that this dream becomes a full-time reality!


  6. It was a great show! It was obvious that you had been working hard preparing for a long time. Also, if you have any of the faucet flowers left, I would like some. How did I miss them? Thanks!

  7. Congratulations, Holly! What a great grand opening you had. All the best to you and much success!

  8. Holy cow! I loved looking at each and every picture. I wish there were more. You set your 'shop' up so lovely. You thought of every detail, even the adorable. I am sure your next one will be even more impressive. Congratulations on all your sales. I adore the wooden chandelier and the painted poppies on the window. You have so many beautiful things...and, yes, I think you should change the cushion on the bench, the saying should get all the glory, the cushion is taking away from it a bit, maybe chose something more subtle or 'drab'. Great job with everything!

  9. Wow! what a beautiful home and shop, I'd be slamming on the brakes if I drove by. Everything looks so cozy and all your hard work (parents too) has really paid off. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I am so glad that your Open House went well. How wonderful that your mom and dad were there to help you. The studio looks fabulous, I wish I lived near so I could stop by and see it in person. I can't believe that bird bench hasn't sold yet, it must be waiting for the right person.