Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free stuff...

Hi Everyone!  Don't you just get giddy when hear those two little words, free stuff!  I know I do.  I am the lucky recipient of some great free stuff!  And how lucky am I.  It was like Christmas!  My aunt came up this past weekend and brought me a load of some really great stuff.  I'm not able to get to garage sales (I work on Saturdays) and we don't have any Goodwill stores around here and I hardly ever make it to the city to go shopping (plus I'm not really a shopper unless we're talking power tools) so I don't normally have a chance for show and tell time.  But today I do.

 My aunt picked up the headboards in Arizona.  She found them curbside while she was on her daily walk, picked them up and carried them back to her house.  She was so excited to find them and I am so excited to finally get them.  And to my surprise, they match the full size headboard I just used on the last bench I made for Wenstrand Farms.
I've always wanted an antique ironing board but I don't think I ever told my aunt that, but look what I got.  One of the legs is broken, but I don't care.  Now, what to do with it?.....
 And of course the antique chair.  It's really sturdy but of course it needs a new seat and some paint? maybe?
And look at these babies.  I actually picked these up, curbside in my parents neighborhood.  One of the really old, big Victorian homes got new windows and I got these.  I have so many ideas....there are a couple more but they were on the other side of the shop and I forgot to take pictures of them.  So what would you do with my free stuff? 


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  2. oops! my first comment went all wonky...Here's the gist of it:

    You are one lucky gal to have an aunt do some curbside shopping for you - lovely finds! Can't wait to see your amazing transformations :)

    Jill @ JunkyVagabond

  3. whoa! that's a great haul! those are some of my favorite kinds of windows.! bed? bench of course, it reminds me of a piece I have saved in my inspiration folder. If I can find it, I'll send it your way.
    ironing board? I dunno... I had one once, and never knew what to do with it so I sold it. Rose @ confessions of a curbshopaholic made one into a sign for her laundry room. It turned out really cute!
    have a great weekend!