Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer visitors...

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.  I have lots planned for the day.  First off I have to work.  Then I have to get ready for company and if there's time, I have many projects to work on.  What are your plans for the weekend? 

Back when my nephew was young, I want to say he was maybe 6 or 7, he would come and stay with my parents during the summer.  It started out as a week then gradually grew to a month or maybe a little more. 
Well, that tradition stopped two years ago because he had a summer job and now that he's graduated from high school and is joining the Marines, that has ended.  It was a great time!  We, my parents and I, really enjoyed spending that time with him.  And it sort of made up for not seeing him much the rest of the year.

My brother and I did this with my grandparents when we were kids.  It was so much fun to come to the farm.  We did a lot of work, like walk beans and put up hay but we'd go to the pool and get to drive the tractor and the lawn tractor or go fishing in the pond and Grandpa would always take a day off and do something really fun like go to the Henry Doorley Zoo or down to St. Joe, Missouri to see my aunt.

Last year that tradition started again with my step niece, Vickie.  And this summer it is continuing with both Vickie and her brother Quinton.  Only they will get to come alone so they each get their own "vacations" and one-on-one time with my parents.
They are both coming for extended visits this summer.  We're just not entirely sure what the exact plans are.  But I do know when Quinton will be arriving. 
 My parents are meeting him and his mother at noon today!  They live in Illinois and we live on the west side of Iowa, so they are meeting about half between at Williamsburg, Iowa where there is a huge outlet mall.  I think he will be staying through the 4th of July and then his sister Vickie will get her chance, but who knows for sure. 
This is Quinton a few years ago when I made him this toy box for Christmas.  Quinton hasn't ever really been away from his parents before so this should be interesting.  He will of course be staying with my parents but I'll see him on the weekends since I work during the week.  I don't know what my parents have planned as far as activities go, but they always make it fun and memorable.  And of course I'll keep you updated on anything exciting!  Thanks for stopping by.

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