Friday, March 4, 2011


I love signs. I love making signs. I like taking scraps of wood from other projects and turning them into signs. This welcome sign is on a scrap of wood left over from cutting a headboard apart for a bench. There was a small hole in the middle where a spindle was, but it has been filled and painted, then sanded and antiqued. I hand paint all the words on my signs.
This is another scrap piece left from the bottom of the headboard where the spindle was anchored on the headboard.
I'm not sure the previous life of this scrap piece, but now it has purpose as a sign. And I really like this saying. I try to live each day with purpose because you just never know.
This is a fun sign. The scrap piece was also from a soild back headboard. I had the rusty beehive and thought it needed something to go with it so I painted this on the board and then sanded it. I think it might need a little more sanding. But I thought they looked good together. I put a nest with eggs inside the bee hive for a little added color.
I think this is my favorite sign right now. I love the saying. I heard it on the movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and knew I just had to turn it into a sign. The board is from a house that was built in the 1880's that was torn down and the trim work was salvaged. It has a lot of character.

Do you like signs? What is your favorite? Well, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love your signs! I don't think you can ever have too many of them!