Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome signs...

Hello Everyone!  Since I didn't get much done this past weekend, I thought I'd share with you a couple of the welcome signs I've made.  This Welcome sign is made on old barn wood.  I barely sanded the board and added polyurethane to it.  Then I decided to turn it into a birdhouse sign.  I cut the top and added the roof and added a piece to the base so it stands.  Next I painted the letters and attached them with small nails.  Then I drilled the hole at the top and in the letter O and glued the nesting in. 
 These are welcome signs that I painted and then painted the flower shapes on the background to give them a unique twist.  Then I added the letters .  I really like the green background with the blue letters.  But of course the white one with red letters goes better with my front entry way, so that's where that hangs.  The others will be going to the shop for sale.
Thanks for stopping by.

*Sorry this didn't post on Tuesday.  I accidentally left it in drafts instead of publishing it.  DUH Holly!*

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