Monday, March 21, 2011

Wreath Stand...

Happy Monday Everyone!  I thought I'd show you one of the things I did this weekend.  I made a wreath holder.  I'm sure you've all seen the metal wreath holders you can buy in stores.  I think they cost too much so I've been making them for over a year now.

 Here's the stand with a very large sheet music wreath on it.  (Trust me, it's behind there).
Here are a couple of stands.  The super tall one is for sitting on the floor, without being to near the floor.
Here's how I make them.  I cut a scrap block of wood that's 4"x4" down to the size I want, in this case it's about 10" tall.  I cut a 1"x8" and a 2"x8" scrap piece of wood down to the same size.  I never use any real measurements, I just sort of go with what I think looks good together and what I can find in my scrap barrel.  And of course I dug out one of the spindles a friend was nice enough to give me after they took down their porch.  Before I started putting anything together, I sanded all the wood with my orbital sander so I wouldn't have to sand anything after it's together.  I find it works better that way.
On both the 1"x8" and 2"x8" boards I found the center and marked it with an X.
Then I pre-drilled a counter sink hole into both pieces of wood so that the screw is sunk into the wood.
Then I found the middle of the block of wood, used Gorilla Glue and a 3" screw to attach the 2"x8" to the block of wood.
I did the same thing to the 1"x8" piece of wood to attach it to the spindle.
Using my handy nail gun, I glued and nailed the 1"x8" piece of wood with the attached spindle to the block of wood.
Then I added a coat hook to the spindle and a ball with a flat edge to the top to sort of finish it off. 
Now, I just need to paint it.  I'm thinking it needs to be a bold color like maybe red or a navy blue.
I've also recycled wooden closet dowels into wreath stands, like the black one.  I'll have to get this painted and into the shop.  Well, thanks for stopping by.


  1. hiya ,i am visitinf form catch as catch can and your newest follower x what a great idea and great tutorial too , tfs , hope you stop by mine sometime too

  2. Great idea! You can really use up all your scraps this way and never make the same one twice.

  3. great! You know I love making things out of scraps!
    Wreath stands are very handy!
    ps "catching" you this week